The Best Book Cover Designs of 2012

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by Shaun Hensher 104 Comments

I am so sorry. I know some of you have been waiting for this, but it’s been a nutty time for me. I’ve had to put blogging on the backburner. But excuses are not what you came here for, so without further ado, I present to you the best book covers of 2012.

It was a really strong year for cover design. It took me forever to go through it all and even paring down to these 80 was a real task. I hope you appreciate the effort!

Do you have a favorite? Is there a cover I’m missing that you think belongs in this list? Sound off in the comments (look waaaay down).

As with the 2011 list, I will try to include designer credits where possible. If you want to help me out, please let me know if you can fill in some of the blanks.

Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck : Eric G. Wilson

Designer: Unknown

The Teleportation Accident cover design

Illustrator: La Boca

Polpo cover art

Designer: David Tanguy

The Art of Pasta

Designer: Daniel New

After Freud Left

Designer: Unknown

Mansion of Happiness book cover design

Designer: Oliver Munday

Yes Chef: a memoir

Designer: Chelsea Cardinal

Dawn of the Deed book cover art

Designer: Isaac Tobin

Ways Out of War book cover

Designer: Unknown

Foreskin's Lament : Shalom Auslander

Designer: John Gall

The Undead : Dick Teresi

Designer: Unknown

The Race for What's Left

Designer: Henry Sene Yee

The Folly of the World cover art

Designer: Unknown

The Fat Years : Chan Koonchung

Designer: Unknown

The Monogamy Gap

Designer: Unknown

Modernist Cuisine at Home book package

Designer: Unknown

The Middlesteins

Designer: Catherine Casalino

Telegraph Avenue

Designer: Unknown

Joy: A Novel

Designer: Unknown

Love and Other Perishable Items

Designer: Unknown

Safe House : Chris Ewan

Designer: Unknown

Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World

Designer: Unknown

Antifragile book cover design

Designer: Unknown

the wrap-up list

Designer: Unknown

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Designer: Unknown

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Designer: Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

The Secret Tree cover art

Designer: Unknown

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Designer: Abrams / Ben Wiseman

City of the Snakes : Darren Shan

Designer: Catherine Casalino

In the Orchard, the Swallows

Designer: Unknown

I am an Executioner

Designer: Holly Macdonald

Teeth : Hannah Moskowitz

Designer: Unknown

Wonder : R. J. Palacio

Designer: Tad Carpenter

Girlchild : Tupelo Hassman

Designer: Jennifer Carrow

The Age of Miracles book jacket design

Designer: Lynn Buckley

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow

Designer: Michel Vrana

Privacy: Garret Keizer

Designer: Henry Sene Yee
Photography: Jon Shireman

1982 : Jian Ghomeshi

Designer: Michel Vrana

The Free World : David Bezmozgis

Designer: Pete Garceau

Eight Girls Taking Pictures

Designer: Rex Bonomelli

Procession of the Dead : Darren Shan

Designer: Catherine Casalino

Why We Broke Up

Designer: Gail Doobinin

Kingdom Come book cover design

Designer: Unknown

Consider the Fork

Designer: Nicole Caputo

The Flame Alphabet

Designer: Peter Mendelsund

The Fish that Ate the Whale

Designer: Charlotte Strick

Beautiful Ruins : Jess Walter

Designer: Jarred Taylor

No One is Here Except All of Us book cover

Designer: Unknown

The American Way of Eating : Tracie McMillan

Designer: Unknown

The Last Brother

Designer: Unknown

Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History

Designer: Unknown

Small Damages : Beth Kephart

Designer: Unknown

The Physics of Wall Street

Designer: Unknown

Woodcut : Bryan Nash Gill

Designer: Unknown

Peanut cover design

Designer: Unknown

Hawthorn & Child

Designer: Tom Darracott

The Drowned World fiftieth anniversary edition

Designer: Unknown

Hokey Pokey

Designer: Unknown

Blow-Up : Cortázar

Designer: Unknown

Image Politics in the Middle East

Designer: Unknown | Photographer: Unknown

Doppler : Erland Loe

Designer: Unknown

An Amish Kitchen

Designer: Unknown

Because I Said So!

Designer: Unknown

Russians : Gregory Feifer

Designer: Catherine Casalino

Body : Asa Nonami

Designer: Unknown

Alys, Always

Designer: Unknown

Slumbering Masses

Designer: Michel Vrana

The Boy in the Snow book cover design

Designer: Unknown

Bobcat and Other Stories

Designer: Unknown

May We Be Forgiven : A.M. Homes

Designer: Alison Forner

The Orphan Master's Son

Designer: Unknown

The Edumacation of Jay baker

Designer: Unknown

Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse

Designer: Unknown

The Last Girlfriend on Earth

Designer: Unknown

Cruel Britannia

Designer: Fuel

SMUT : Alan Bennett

Designer: Henry Sene Yee
Illustration: Christopher Silas Neal

Novelists in the New Millenium

Designer: Unknown

From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant

Designer: Unknown

A Hologram for the King

Designer: Jessica Hische

Twelve Gates to the City book cover design

Designer: Unknown

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104 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Great collection of covers. Thanks.

  2. Christine says:

    Love-love-love the works of Catherine Casalino! She does a lot of her own photography and I think PROCESSION OF THE DEAD is a great example of that.

    Also… I know the WHY WE BROKE UP cover was designed by Gail Doobinin — she’s great too!

  3. Veronica says:

    All were very artsy. It’s good to know that a lot of writers make sure that they have awe-inspiring book covers. Not only did it hide meaning, there were also a few which incorporated humor into it.

  4. Keely

    Nice collection of covers. Are you sure all of them were published in 2012 though? I think a few have been around for longer than that (‘The Last Brother’ for example – I was sure I’d seen that a few years ago and copyright says 2010. FYI – the copyright also says cover design by Scott Sorenson / cover art by Jason Holley). . I think ‘Procession of the Dead’ is also earlier – perhaps 2010 or 2011.

  5. Cathy Cleary says:

    These covers are simply wonderful! They make me want to read all the books. Thanks for compiling the list, Shaun.

  6. Joy says:

    Very good cover designs. Makes me want to read the books too! Thanks for the share.

  7. Sandra says:

    I like a lot of these covers. I like how they incorporated humor, symbolism and art into it. It’s no wonder they were choses as the ones with the best covers.

  8. Kristine says:

    A lot of these covers possessed a lot of good quality art. I specially liked the cover of the the “Dawn of the Dead.” It will surely get a lot of second looks in the bookstore.

  9. Emilia says:

    I’d like to design my own book cover someday. If I had the chance to do it, it’s most likely that it would have an element of fantasy to it. I’m a sucker for fantasy.

  10. Stacey says:

    Very interesting roster of best cover book designs. I have my own favorites like the Breast and Privacy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Brian Tally says:

    Although we always hear “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I seriously tend to disagree. It is the cover of the book that catches my attention first, it is the cover that makes me pick up the book and read what it is about. Design-wise, these covers look great and I can certainly see how they would spark my curiosity enough for me to pick it up!
    Brian Tally recently posted..Austin Anticipates New Business OpeningsMy Profile

  12. Doug Wright says:

    The more these authors try to look different, the more they start to look the same. Again, the contemporary look seems to be popular. In any case, a nice cover design definitely captures my attention! -Doug

  13. Kelly says:

    These are really good book cover designs. Truly, if the cover can instantly attract attention, we become more interested and curious about the content. So it’s very important.

  14. Calra says:

    The designers really deserve the credit for coming up with such good designs. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  15. nabil | cours informatique says:

    The above design covers are so interesting.I love them.They are really expressive.I like that kinds of designing books covers.

  16. Osho Garg

    wow.. every book’s cover page look unique & stylish
    Osho Garg recently posted..Top 6 Google Reader AlternativesMy Profile

  17. robert | assurance km says:

    Choosing the right design cover is an essentiel element!
    I like this post.It is really very interesting and important for the success of any book.Selling a book depends also on the covers design.

  18. James says:

    Some of these are really very Awesome, I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing great ideas of book cover designs.
    James recently posted..Eclipse – advanced search and highlighting code blocksMy Profile

  19. Jayden

    To make things different and try new ideas, I think your book cover designs are among the best. Your designs are really unique and one of a kind. I find them more interesting than those flowery and cartoon-themed covers. So, I’ll expect more of your exceptional designs in the future then.
    Jayden recently posted..Online PhD UK | Guidelines on Social Science ResearchMy Profile

  20. These are definitely the best covers I have ever imagined a book can have. The authors deserve credit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Brown Williams recently posted..About Our Premium Custom Writing Services, Buy Papers from UsMy Profile

  21. daniel

    nice cover designs. It’s not easy to pick a favourite one.

  22. Robby Lyon says:

    Wow, great list. I love design, and although the story is the HERO, the cover is certainly of the utmost importance in getting people to pick the book up in the first place.
    Thanks – good work.

  23. Jane Stevens says:

    The designs are awesome. I would like to choose one as my own books cover. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Erik says:

    In fact choosing the right design cover is very important !
    And your designs are wonderful, it is true :)

  25. My favorite is “The teleportation accident”, there are so many good designs, great compilation!

  26. Very Fresh creative and innovative books cover design it’s fabulous.
    Rishabh Misra recently posted..25 Creative Single Page Website TemplatesMy Profile

  27. QuynhLan

    Very well done~
    The cover design always takes an important role. It is the first impression of this book. They are amazing cover. Thank you a lot for making this list.
    QuynhLan recently posted..Kuler Control Panel: Have you updated it yet?My Profile

  28. Gajendran M says:

    Wow great designs i like vary much. i inspire from Jennifer Carrow design…..thanks for sharing….

  29. Without appealing cover designs books cannot attract readers. Nice post.

  30. shakaib says:

    “Dawn of the deed” haha.. Terrific way to define evolution. :P
    shakaib recently posted..Chat Room: A Place for Real EntertainmentMy Profile

  31. really those are great deaigns

  32. Daggu says:

    All of these designs are portraying a particular theme with a message to the reader. I think they are great to use
    Daggu recently posted..Understanding Cellulite:Causes of cellulite formation with fast and easy ways to get rid of celluliteMy Profile

  33. Amy smith says:

    Very inspiring and creative collection
    Amy smith recently posted..WordPress Makes it Simpler for Photogs to Create Sleek and Stylish PortfoliosMy Profile (dofollow)

  34. Jane Stevens says:

    I am very glad to learn about these book covers. I think if you want to launch a book you have to give importance to an attracting book cover. It can attract more people.
    Jane Stevens recently posted..Simple and Effective Hair and Beauty TipsMy Profile

  35. Sarah Salman says:

    books are true source of wisdom and learning the covers are full of stylish art great
    Sarah Salman recently posted..How to Earn Money from Fanbox – Easy StepsMy Profile

  36. James says:

    All these designs are portraying good themes to readers. keep up the good work.

  37. saim says:

    Nice cover you are right i was waiting for sure and got exactly what i want

  38. All the book covers are creative and all the images are conceptual.
    James Daneiol recently posted..CM-EFLEX 55 dB 3G Amp For Small Home – FLEX55My Profile

  39. cooki.mayo says:

    here are really books are true source of wisdom and learning the covers are full of stylish art great
    cooki.mayo recently posted..Winter HD Background WallpapersMy Profile

  40. Janelll says:

    Love the covers especially with the pasta one. Unique and attractive. Simple but simply takes the hook on it!

    Great Job!

  41. Amaury Baot

    Hey we are in 2014, 2013 is finished :)

  42. Claude S says:

    Nice collection of book covers. I like the second one, Procession of the Dead. Kinda creepy. Thanks for sharing them here.
    Claude S recently posted..SEO Training And CareerMy Profile

  43. Andrew says:

    There’s one book I manage to read before. It’s the “Consider the Fork” book. It was a good read indeed. Thanks for sharing these book designs. They surely can get you motivated to buy one.
    Andrew recently posted..Tenants can now act as a guarantor!My Profile

  44. sazzad says:

    this is the best book cover….thanks to sharing this…..
    sazzad recently posted..The Importance of Building Instagram FollowersMy Profile

  45. Ajay Kamal says:

    This are the awesome collection for the covers. Thanks for the covers and the designers. :)

  46. Sumit Malik says:

    nice collection … i think works really well in 2014.

  47. Danny

    some stunning designs there… you really can judge a book by its cover :-)
    Danny recently posted..10 Ways To Use PLR Material EffectivelyMy Profile

  48. I’ve been late to read this article but still one to give my opinion about the best book cover design of 2012.Dawn of the Deed is the best and also got something special from the others to attract anyone.But all of them are outstanding but it’s the standout for me.
    Ahsanul Karim recently posted..Latest Digital DSLR Camera Improving To Compete With Cellphone CameraMy Profile

  49. I like a lot of these covers. I like how they incorporated humor, symbolism and art into it.Thanks for sharing the great post.
    ABDUL GHAFFAR recently posted..Why should I use field management software?My Profile

  50. Sagar

    nice and wonderful work

    It is a great collection of book covers. No wonder that they are the best book covers of 2012. Each and every book is unique and exactly matches the name of the book. Some of my favorite are ‘The last girlfriend on earth’, ‘The boy in the snow’, ‘why we broke up ‘and some more.

    Anyway nice work.

    Thank you for sharing
    Sagar recently posted..How to Overcome Fear of MeetingsMy Profile

  51. Roy Moses says:

    Those are awesome book covers!
    really gives me inspiration for some graphic idea I got going on right now..
    Roy Moses recently posted..Greece Vacations for Infinite VarietyMy Profile

  52. Was enjoying your list and came across a cover of my own. Nice surprise;)

    One cover on your list really caught my eye. The Fat Years. Never seen it before, I think the illustration is really great. Good list and I am glad there are people who enjoy covers (because we sure do enjoy making them).

  53. Rosa says:

    Great selection! Beautiful and original covers.
    Rosa recently posted..Trade in your old Kobo, Nook or Kindle for a $20 discount and a gift cardMy Profile

  54. Hossain says:

    fantastic collections of covers. all look awesome.

  55. ajay says:

    Its amazing!! How could u manage that work?? Awsm…just no words to say

  56. Dipraj says:

    Really great design good to see this awesome book cover
    Dipraj recently posted..How To Get Free Web Hosting For Your WebsiteMy Profile

  57. Matt says:

    No new posts in a year?? One post a year?? Don’t leave us waiting so long!
    Matt recently posted..Bed Rest Pillow with ArmsMy Profile (dofollow)

  58. olga says:

    j’aime beaucoup cette meilleures conception de couverture des livres.
    Merci de partager cet intéressants article.

  59. MD. Al Amin says:

    Great selection! Beautiful and rial book cover. One cover in your post is very sweet me. No new Post? And post the last year.
    Thanks for shearing…. You are so great…Thanks..Boss.. odesk test answer

  60. Bharat Kumar says:

    all book cover are too good but specially, I like second last book cover (Eight Girls taking Picture)

  61. Sarah says:

    I’m not a book lover but when I see wonderful or beautiful cover it tells me to read that book. It interests me to buy and read those books having a great cover. I love the cover of “The Last Girlfriend on earth” and I think it’s an interesting to read. But the best cover here is “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry a novel by Rachel Joyce”. I enjoyed watching this great cover.
    Sarah recently posted..How to Pay AttentionMy Profile

  62. All this design are really cool , this seems to be a great year with soo much of extra work done for art and pictures.

  63. Sumit Rana says:

    nice book cover.
    Thank you.

  64. zapin says:

    Your blog is very intresting and cover design is good.

  65. Rashmi says:

    best collection ever.. Nice blog..

  66. vella di says:

    Very impressive post.Great collection here of book cover designs.Each designs is really nice. I love it. Thanks for sharing this post.
    I really appreciate your efforts.
    Great job!!!
    vella di recently posted..Best Party Songs 2014 List – Top Party Music Hits – DJ Dance Party SongsMy Profile

  67. olga says:

    ce sont des bonnes informations.
    j’aime beaucoup cet article.
    merci pour le partage.
    olga recently posted..hamamet charpenneMy Profile

  68. Sonika says:

    Whoa! It’s a huge list. I’ve come to get only one or two ideas but this article have provided so much book cover design ideas. Thankt a lot.
    Sonika recently posted..15 August HOT Wallpapers For PC in HD FREE Download (2014)My Profile

  69. Islas says:

    This is awesome work, I like all the covers, I will bookmark it.
    Islas recently posted..Islas Pili Nuts are now in selected Lucky Supermarket stores in Alberta and ManitobaMy Profile

  70. Amrish

    Some great choices of designs , however I really like the cover for the silence of darker clouds. I love the hint of darkness but still with a modern feel to it .
    Amrish recently posted..Tu Meri Lyrics – Bang Bang Song | Hrithik Roshan,Katrina KaifMy Profile

  71. sam says:

    wow what a design.. i like many of them
    sam recently posted..Anita HassanandaniMy Profile

  72. TheSoulJah says:

    As a Graphics Designer I like these cover Design so much. I love the cover of “Beautiful Ruins”. Your Blog is so interesting. I like your article.
    Thank you.
    TheSoulJah recently posted..10 Lessons Every Over-Stressed Couple Should LearnMy Profile

  73. Excellent Designs Very well done Thanks as always for spreading nuanced quality content. I liked your Designs very much. It was very well-presented and approachable. Good job and looking forward for more designs

  74. murat says:

    Really excelent covers. All of them given ideas.

  75. Aqib Iqbal says:

    Wow amazing designs great collection. thanks for share.
    Aqib Iqbal recently posted..Guitar Pro 6 Keygen And Crack Full Version Free DownloadMy Profile

  76. Thanks for sharing great collection of Book cover designs. I like these awesome cover designs.
    I’m waiting for your next valuable post.
    Dinesh sharma recently posted..New Releases Top 40 R&B Songs 2014 List – Latest R and B Music – Top 10 RB SongsMy Profile

  77. all the covers are really awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome covers.
    Please do keep sharing :)

  78. Neha Singh says:


    All designs are very good.

    I love the cover of”woodcut” .

    Thanks to share or great post.


    Neha Singh
    Neha Singh recently posted..Top 10 Surefire Ways To Increase Website TrafficMy Profile

  79. Brenda Hayes says:

    Very nice book cover designs. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a blessed new year!

  80. David Long says:

    First time seen book covers with creative designs, thanks for sharing!!

  81. arvutid says:

    Perfect designs. Thanks a lot for sharing all of them with us.

  82. Nice designs of the covers.All are really innovative ideas, I liked Bobcat, Why we broke up

    Thanks for sharing with us .
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in IndiaMy Profile

  83. Chiranshu says:

    Thanks for Great designs I love all designs
    specially book cover design.
    Waiting for next designs
    Thanks Again

  84. mani says:

    Excellent book :)you have a great collection :)

  85. Len Bowcott

    My last eBook cover that I thought was pretty good is obviously an amateurish effort. Thanks for enlightening me.

  86. Sneha

    Heyya.. his are the awesome collection for the covers. Thanks for the covers and the designers. :)
    Sneha recently posted..Re-AIPMT Result 2015 With Answer KeyMy Profile

  87. maan

    The best book cover design it’s fabulous cover design.
    thanks for sharing
    maan recently posted..Driver Easy Professional License Key Full VersionMy Profile

  88. Henry Lovo says:

    These covers are too good for books. We want something new and attractive from your side. Thank you for sharing it.
    Henry Lovo recently posted..September 11 flagMy Profile

  89. Rocco Msing says:

    These designs look just great. Loved all of them. Thanks for sharing..

  90. danial says:

    awesome covers and great work..
    your cover collection is awesome and These covers are too good for books.. Thanks for sharing this nice post…
    danial recently posted..PowerArchiver 2016 Crack & Serial Key Free DownloadMy Profile

  91. Hellen Smow says:

    Hehe im impresses about this short but really useful article :)

  92. Sravya says:

    Really nice collection of covers. I like secret tree and beautiful ruins covers.

  93. Sid says:

    Stunning and creative covers. Keep up the nice work.
    Sid recently posted..Arrival, the Best Sci-Fi Film made in a decade!My Profile

  94. Hells Pawn says:

    Awesome work. Your cover collection is awesome.
    Hells Pawn recently posted..Exclusive action scene of Hells Pawn|| Hells Pawn the top android action game of 2017My Profile

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