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An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by Shaun Hensher 27 Comments

Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual ThinkersDesign is hard. The creative mind is a finicky thing. Sometimes you can get in a flow state and it seems like no design problem is a match for your supreme wit. On the other hand, sometimes you just can’t seem to get in the groove and feel like you couldn’t design your way out of a wet paper bag. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

We all have little tricks and ways of jump-starting the creative process, but sometimes what you need is a little guidance.  That’s what a new book by Dave Gouveia and Chris Elkerton offers. Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers is stuffed full of activities and exercises designed to help break that mental block.

 The review

Overall, I think the creators of this book have done a pretty good job. Admittedly, there are some pages that seem like filler to me (word games and puzzles that I don’t think help much). That being said though, there are plenty of fun and challenging activities that make up for the fluff. The book itself is well designed, colourful,and playful. There is also an abundance of useful information and interesting trivia.

If you need a little kick in the pants to help get those creative juices flowing, this might be just the thing.

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27 Responses

  1. Marie

    Aw, I love that cover! Sounds like a good book! :)

  2. Jim Antoine

    I know how it feels like. One day you paint and design like crazy and the next day you cannot even start…
    Nice cover!
    Jim Antoine recently posted..1500 word reportMy Profile

  3. Pete says:

    My girlfriend is a designer of typography and other graphic arts, so we always have these books around the house.

    You’re spot on with the filler feeling for this book. I too felt that there was far too little real content, and a focus on just reaching a certain page number!
    Pete recently posted..Denver SEO & CommentLuv – Proper Link BuildingMy Profile

  4. Anne says:

    I’ll have to check out the book; I do some writing myself.

    Have you read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield?

    It’s a very interesting book and has gotten a lot of good reviews; you should check it out.

  5. Elena Anne says:

    This looks like a great little book for inspiration. It is always nice to find things like that. I often look for inspiration among the things I enjoy to read and music that I listen to. Drawing from the people you admire is another way to gather inspiration and creativity.

  6. Hughes Team

    That book helped me in writing all my books and articles and blogs! so thank you for sharing this because it is an extremely amazing book!
    Hughes Team recently posted..Boise Churches, Considering All Aspects of Your Boise Home PurchaseMy Profile

  7. Alex says:

    found this book through amazon however, I’m still intrigued about it and what the book really has to offer.
    According to their short description
    The book will let you exercise your imagination through interactive games and challenges, sharpen your brainpower with puzzles and brain teasers, and find inspiration when you need it most! So generally, are they targeting young reader?
    On top of that, they said that this workbook will jumpstart creativity and brainstorming for visual thinkers—you know who you are! Every page will stimulate the senses and get those creative juices flowing fast and furious.
    Now, that makes me eager to see the book’s content LOL.
    Hey wait, am I a visual thinker?? hahaha
    It’s nice to be here in your blog. Thank you for sharing and Have a great day.
    Alex recently posted..We Have No Time to Get BoredMy Profile

  8. Selda | Miami homes says:

    I totally agree with “what you need is a little guidance” I do check design magazines on related designs to get some guidance when I got stuck.

  9. Liz

    When you do a lot of writing like I do I need the daily inspiration. This books looks like something that might help to jump start my creativity. Thanks for sharing.
    Liz recently posted..Bakery InternshipsMy Profile

  10. Balu says:

    Creativity will be gauged on the look of the book cover and this book has that one.

  11. firdosh joy says:

    this is a great cover thanks for sharing this .
    firdosh joy recently posted..Kareena in Prakash Jha’s Satyagrah – “A movie on Anna Hazare”My Profile

  12. Shane says:

    Nice article Shaun! Thank you for sharing this. Creativity indeed is essential in design. That is a very beautiful cover by the way. I think design should have a little format to follow, like a theme or something. Thanks for posting! :)
    Shane recently posted..Cirebon FM 89.2 Indonesia Radio OnlineMy Profile

  13. Sneha says:

    Hi Shaun,

    Short and simple, yet a useful review.

    Creative thinking is the only thing that can lead to you towards success.
    Sneha recently posted..51 New and Beautiful Social Media Icons SetMy Profile

  14. Jerry | budgies says:

    Hey Shaun, I like to be creative. I found your review well written and generally love books well designed. Thanks for the link.
    Jerry recently posted..Budgie NestMy Profile

  15. Tim | Miami Homes

    I would like to see a bigger picture of the cover to see the details. Thanks

  16. Edward Villanueva | Miami Wordpress

    Good review. This book looks nice. I’ll check the link. Thanks
    Edward Villanueva recently posted..Miami Luxury Homes – How To Trim Down Your Options & Choose The Property Of Your DreamsMy Profile (dofollow)

  17. bhavesh

    i will defiantly gonna to read this book it seems very interesting,thanks for sharing.
    bhavesh recently posted..Top 5 honeymoon destinations of the worldMy Profile

  18. Daniel says:

    Well the books are the best guide for a person and one can learn too much from books. I respect for those people who work to help others and I respect Dave Gouveia and Chris Elkerton for their work on book to help people in designing work.

    Thanks for sharing the review.

  19. sherpa says:

    Well the books are the best guide for a person and one can learn too much from books. I respect for those people who work to help others and I respect Dave Gouveia and Chris Elkerton for their work on book to help people in designing work.
    sherpa recently posted..Lobuche Peak ClimbingMy Profile

  20. Lavindra says:

    I like to be artistic. I found your review well written and usually love books simple. Thanks for sharing

  21. mike antony says:

    thank u a lot. Thanks for sharing the review.

  22. Antoinette says:

    It’s a great site… I give it a try for my kid.

  23. Sarah says:

    I really love the cover. I will let my child look this site. Thanks for sharing your post!

  24. Love love the cover. I’m getting the book for that alone.
    Shaun Hoobler recently dev trainingMy Profile

  25. i am also a visual thinker so i am going to read this book thoroughly.
    John Frenandas recently posted..Valentines Gifts for MenMy Profile

  26. A successful activity book . I want to try. Thank you for writing your review.
    In the book I learned from similar writings always it turned out well . Hopefully this review will be useful in
    Caglar Ozturk recently posted..ROR Sitemap for Profile

  27. Michelle

    The book sound interesting. I will have to visit the website for more details.
    Michelle recently posted..I Lied To My Husband That I Gave Birth To Twins – Woman Caught On CCTVMy Profile

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