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  1. Steve says:

    Logo reflects the business and I think it is good to have a simple and stylish logo. Some companies have confusing logos with no reference to the name. I feel the FITC logo has a clean finish and stands out too.
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  2. Gere says:

    I agree with Steve. The logo is simple, clean, and clearly represents the brand. I’m not a huge fan of the typeface, but I’m also not one to put a whole lot of time into something like that. What’s most important is that those within the organization feel comfortable with the new brand and are motivated by it. If that’s has been achieved, it’s successful, regardless of what those on the outside think.
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  3. Audrey Ross | coconut grove luxury homes says:

    The new design looks perfect to me. For what FITC has worked for over the years the new message Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity is realistic and very much relevant. I like the color combination, the design is very clean and looks very professional.

  4. Daniel

    I like the design and like Steve said, over-complicating a logo is more harmful than having one too simplistic. This one has a nice balance, and you’ll know what it is correlated with.
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  5. ella says:

    I really like “FUTURE. INNOVATION. TECHNOLOGY. CREATIVITY.” that totally gives more meaning and importance.
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  6. Mika Castro says:

    I am pretty amazed by the design. It is better to consider simple logos than creating complicated ones.
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  7. Wailea Kanani

    LOL, ‘flash in the can’, what a great name. At first glance I thought it had to do with something completely different (bowel movements!). Anyway, it’s incredible what these talented people can do.

  8. abhinav says:

    Future Innovation Technology Creativity is really great name.
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  9. Selda | Fisher Island Condos

    I love the FIT part. Great logo!

  10. Selda says:

    It is so amazing to FITC is already on dictionaries.. Check this out


  11. robert | Résiliation auto says:

    The logo of FITC has a singificant meaning, besides the meaning of the words future; innovation; technology; and creation is very important and it is interesting.The logo is simple and the words of the FITC is attractive.

  12. Peter says:

    Thanks for the post….Good logo….

  13. hi …
    the logo that is used here is so simple and more attractive … the way you choose is a nice one since it can adds so many ideas to our mind…. when i see the logo i find it has a meaning … yes a direct meaning … and the colors and the way it make the logo design can go far and far to make it stay in the mind…. i like it so much ….when we choose the simple things we can be great ..

  14. Hi,
    What a great design ! Firstly, Really Great Work. I like this design.

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