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  1. Sarah Park says:

    Some of the rebranding were so awful. I wonder how could these big companies make a such a huge mistake that definitely cost them a lot! Didn’t they make a survey before finalizing their new logos? For the brilliant rebrands, what I love most is from the Apple.

  2. vicky

    The redesign of Pepsi looks really awful and I like its older design the best. Apple has added glamor to its design and I vote it the best among all.
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  3. Tim | Miami Beach Homes

    I always buy Tropicana, and I agree with you the original box design being way better, and meaningful than the new one. I think they switched back to the old one. I have been seeing the old box design.
    Google’s first design was terrible like someone just started to use shadow, and bevel features on a photo editing tool.

  4. Steve says:

    Wow, those are some really botched rebrandings! Sometimes it pays to clean up a design rather than completely tear it down. In my addiction counseling business, I have rebranded several times, but always taken care to make sure new clients wouldn’t be alienated.
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  5. Jerry | budgerigar sale says:

    Rebranding is quite dangerous if you don’t know what are you doing. I saw many examples like yours and noticed that sometimes customers are so disappointed that they don’t use anymore or go to the competitors.
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  6. shan

    Hi Rachel
    A few of the rebranding had been therefore terrible. We question how do these types of major brands create a this type of massive error which certainly price all of them a great deal! Did not make the study prior to finishing their own brand new trademarks? For your excellent rebrands
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  7. Josh Malone says:

    My take is Tropicana, Gap, and Apple are terrible, but Sprite, Pepsi, and KFC, and Google aren’t that bad seeing as they still have a remnant of their former logo.
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  8. Ron says:

    Tropicana’s new design reminded me of generic brands…thought they did a horrible job and was glad when they went back to the original. Also agree with Apple…though I am not an Apple brand buyer, the new logo looks much better! Up to date and sleek. I agree with what others have mentioned too about surveying. Many of these companies would do much better if the tested out their designs before spending millions re-branding!
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  9. ----

    I disagree, I think that Pepsi did a phenomenal job in its rebranding – going retro, old-school, quintessential. I know for me, it sparked my interest and I started drinking it again, after going a decade without.
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  10. vinay says:

    hey nice collection of logo remakes it interesting to see how few company fails to improvise. While some did manage to do a great job
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  11. Leena Dasot

    Hi,I think I like the most is London 2012. I like your collection and concept both. Keep shearing your marvelous ideas. Thanks

  12. They should have not change the pepsi logo, the old one is more appealing than the new one.
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  13. Chris | Pinterest

    For me apple looks good, but KFC really fail.

  14. Len says:

    very interesting article, and loved how you had the before and after image of each logo. I do agree, if the wheel is not broke, don’t fix it. Thanks for the piece.

  15. nabil | cours html says:

    Rebranding products is a very successful idea.That is to say when we creat new name new term concerning a product we also creat new strategy of producing the products.With time we explore more things we give an intention to more things our minds is changing all the time so rebranding is being hand hand with the develpoment of our world and our minds our ideas our way of saying things.

  16. Pat Drummond says:

    there’s nothing wrong with the contemporary look. I personally think it is refreshing. However, when you tinker with a well known iconic logo that has been around for many many years… then that’s a different story
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  17. Hemu says:

    personally i really like Apple redesign, and this design go in hand to hand with rebound story of Apple, Simple and Classy.
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  18. Elly

    Nice article, but I think that the Apple and KFC logos are better than the old ones.
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  19. Ammar Ali says:

    Thankx For This Articles i appreciate your work :) <3
    just aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeee work brother <3
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  20. lalithaa says:

    “The only thing constant in life is change”. It’s true. All these changes are good. Nice article, Thanks for sharing.

  21. J.G says:

    Amazing post and amazing blog to share with my friends.

  22. jay says:

    Nice post, rebranding is a tough call in my opnion, I hate it when products I buy have been rebranded.
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  23. nabil | assurance auto says:

    rebranding is one of the activities that are known and necessary.That’s why it should be done the right way!!Rebranding means creation, hardworking, adn invention.Also, it is needed to choose the right way of making a good advertisment for the right product!!!thank yu for sharing this post.It is useful!!

  24. Alice says:

    Rebranding is good, and I don.t agree with you regarding Sprite. The new logo looks more polished.
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  25. Adi says:


    I learned a lot from this post.It takes me almost 10 mins to read the whole post and to understand. Definitely this one is the informative and useful post to me.

    Thanks for the share.

  26. Jake says:

    the sprite rebrand is the worst of all. It’s sad to say, I always loved sprite, but this time the wrong move is clear and so easy to understand. They didn’t.
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  27. christina says:

    nice post.. reading about re branding was an immense reading experience..

  28. Hello,

    I learned a lot from this post.It takes me almost 10 mins to read the whole post and to understand. Definitely this one is the informative and useful post to me.
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  29. mike antony says:

    thank u a lot.i think i really like Apple redesign..

  30. Ragib says:

    For me KFC was the best in redesigning and the worst was PEPSi.They hardly done any justice :O
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  31. Matt says:

    A year and a half old now but “contemporary” still holds up! I think GAP was the worst change and agreed Apple is the best. Amazon is king no matter what
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  32. Sagar

    Nice post

    A post about rebranding is very rare.I agree that ‘rebranding a logo can be a daunting task’. The logo plays a major part in the company’s value. As discussed in the above post about botched up re branding it could effect the sales of the product.

    One issue can be that mostly people are used to some logos like the pepsi’s. When it changed we could not accept it .I think ‘ubank’ and ‘amazon’ has done a wonderful work.

    Thank you for sharing
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  33. Sarah says:

    Some re branding of logo is good and some are not because some might confuse and some are good looking. It does depend on the people on how they adapt or how they can see the new logo. Thanks for sharing this article. I had fun reading this post. Some logos are much better in original than re brand.
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  34. Very informative post about Rebranding. I really love Apple redesign. This post very useful for online readers.
    I appreciate your efforts.
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  35. lilysmith2 says:

    Appreciating the commitment you put into your website and detailed information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my website.

  36. Max Arthur says:

    Me too. I love the old Sprite logo.
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  37. Talissa says:

    I Think Pepsi did a mistake, i like the old logo it’s more powerful for me but it’s subjective point :P
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  38. Super rocking post. I am very glad that I read this.
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  39. that’s right admin, to make you brand more popular colors and logo is must. Most companies also focus on these post.

  40. dorothy5622 says:

    None of the various postings I’ve come across are like this one. You can tell much work went into this.

  41. dorian351 says:

    This truly demonstrates that there are still individuals that care about what they post online. I truly loved browsing the comments.

  42. lera9685 says:

    This unique post is pretty interesting. I will definately be coming back to your website.

  43. I love the Amazon logo. So smart!
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  44. anoop says:

    nice The redesign of Pepsi looks really awful and I like its older design the best. Apple has added glamor to its design and I vote it the best among all

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